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  • PAC Centrifugal Fan with forward curved impellers

    PAC Centrifugal Fan with forward curved impellers

    The fan section in the PAC is centrifugal fans with forward curved impellers. tablocked on both sides to two steel rings and to a double disk at the centre. The blade is designed to minimize the loss caused by air turbulence and to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum sound level. The fans are suitable for supply or extract applications in commercial, process and industrial HVAC systems. The fan draws the fresh air into the air conditioner and discharges it to the room after it is cooled by the evaporator.

  • Axial fan with aluminum fan blades

    Axial fan with aluminum fan blades

    Axial fans with aluminum fan blades, fitted with robust epoxy coated fan guards in anti-vibration mountings. Motors are equipped with a thermal safety device built in the windings, connected to separate terminals in the terminal box. This safety device can therefore be integrated into the control circuit. The electrical control should be arranged preferably with a manual reset device in order to prevent continuous on/off switching (tripping) of the motors.

  • Double inlet AHU Centrifugal Fan

    Double inlet AHU Centrifugal Fan

    The fan section in the AHU consist of double inlet centrifugal fan, motor and V-belt drive mounted on an inner frame which is suspended by means of anti-vibration mountings in an outer frame which can be pulled out. The fan unit is mounted in two transverse rails fastened to the air handling unit, and the fan outlet opening is connected to the discharge panel of the unit by means of a flexible connection.