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Refrigeration Tool

  • Vacuum pump

    Vacuum pump

    The vacuum pump is used for removing moisture and non-condensable gases from refrigeration systems after maintenance or repair. The pump is supplied with a Vacuum pump oil (0.95 l). The oil is made from a paraffinic mineral oil base, to be used in deep vacuum applications.

  • Deluxe manifold

    Deluxe manifold

    Deluxe service manifold is equipped with high and low pressure gauges and an optical sight glass to observe the refrigerant as it flows through the manifold. This benefits the operator by assisting in assessing the operating performance for a refrigeration system and assisting during recovery or charging processes.

  • Digital Vacuum gauge

    Digital Vacuum gauge

    Vacuum measuring device to control the evacuation process on the construction site or in the laboratory.

  • Digital weighing platform

    Digital weighing platform

    The weighing platform is used for refrigerants charging, recovery & weighing of commercial A/C, refrigerants systems. High capacity up to 100kgs (2201bs). High accuracy of +/-5g (0.01lb). high-visibility LCD display. Flexible 6 inches( 1.83m) coil design. Long life 9V batteries.

  • Recovery cylinder

    Recovery cylinder

    Small cylinder for recovering refrigerants during servicing or maintenance work onboard.

  • Refrigerant leak detector

    Refrigerant leak detector

    Refrigerant leak detector able to detect all halogen refrigerants (CFC, HCFC and HFC) enabling you to find leaks in your refrigeration system. Refrigerant Leak Detector is a perfect tool for maintaining the air-condition or a cooling system with compressor and refrigerant. This unit uses a newly developed semi-conductor sensor which is extremely sensitive for variety of general used Refrigerant.

  • Refrigerant recovery unit

    Refrigerant recovery unit

    Refrigerant recovery machine designed to handle recovery tasks of a vessel refrigeration systems.