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High Efficiency and Low sound Copeland Scroll compressor

Short Description:

Copeland scroll compressor double flexible design to ensure the seal of the scroll. Allows the scrolls to be radially and axially separated, allowing debris or liquid to pass through the scrolls without damaging the compressor.

Product Detail

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Since it has been on the market since 1987, Copeland scroll compressor has revolutionized the refrigeration industry. The Copeland scroll compressor shows its unique advantages in many aspects, Copeland Scroll Compressor is the world’s largest producer of integral horsepower compressors to meet the challenges of today’s light commercial AC and provision applications by delivering superior reliability, durability, efficiency and sound reduction. In addition to superior performance, it answers the needs that the high volume, 2 to 24 horsepower commercial market has for competitive cost and compact size.


● Compliant Scroll
– High Efficiency
– Better Liquid Handling
– Better Debris Handling
– Self-compensating for wear ("Wears-in"vs. "Wears-out")
– 70% fewer moving parts
– Low sound levels
● Handles 16 Pound/7.3 Kg System Refrigerant Charge without a Crankcase Heater
● Compact, Lightweight Shell with 9 Inch/22.9 Cm Diameter (Rolled/Welded)
● Internal Line Break Motor Protection
● Suction Gas Motor Cooling
● Suction Screen
● Disc Type Check Valve
● Centrifugal Oil Pump with Filter and Magnet
● Rotalock or Braze Fittings
● High Pressure Tap on Rotalock Version
● DU (PTFE) Journal Bearings
● Flexible Voltage Options
● Arrangement of Fittings and Terminal Box Convenient for Service and Installation
● Wide Model Selection
● Low Shutdown Noise
● R407C and R22 Applications
● Tandem Availability

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Copeland Scroll compressor1
Copeland Scroll compressor2

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