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Compact and horizontal type Sea water Cooled Condenser

Short Description:

Heat exchanger also called heat transfer machine, is the equipment that can transfer certain heat from the thermal fluid to the cold fluid. It is the essential equipment to achieve the heat exchange and transfer during the production process. It’s the evaporator that the cold water flows in the tube and the refrigerant evaporates in the shell. It’s one of the main styles of refrigerating unit that cool the secondary refrigerant. It commonly adopt horizontal type, which has the characteristic of effective heat transfer, compact structure, small occupied area and easy installation etc.

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As the use of seawater can cause chemical corrosion, galvanic corrosionand erosion, both series are made of high-resistance materials. The design ensures easy inspection and cleaning of the condensers and assures that the water velocity is kept within the safety limits. All units are provided with interchangeable anodes made of soft iron. The carbon steel components are sandblasted to protect against rusting, including the internal wall of the shell. Condensers for seawater have been optimized for HFC condensation in order to provide the best reliability and efficiency when seawater is used as the cooling medium.

Typical applications 

1. Process liquid or gas cooling
2. Process or refrigerant vapor or steam condensing
3. Process liquid, steam or refrigerant evaporation
4. Process heat removal and preheating of feed water
5. Thermal energy conservation efforts, heat recovery
6. Compressor, turbine and engine cooling, oil and jacket water 
7. Hydraulic and lube oil cooling


● Tube material: copper-nickel 90/10 (CuNi10Fe1Mn);
● Shell: carbon steel , stainless steel;
● Tube sheet: stainless steel;
● Condensing capacity range up to 800 kW;
● Design pressure 33 bar;
● Compact length;
● Simple structure, convenient cleaning ;
● High heat transferring efficiency;
●Tube sheet and water header coating;
●No need for sacrificial anodes;
● Component customisation available.

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